The day I overcame the first entry. And then said nothing significant.

4 Mar

Let me tell you a fascinating story about this first blog post. It was a long, long time in coming. As any of you who’ve blogged before might have also thought, that first post is a big deal! Or should be. So while I wrote “other” posts to put up later, I kept them saved as non-live-online publications, deeming their subject matter simply unworthy to be that breathtaking, very altering FIRST blog. (And take note of the use of caps—you will hardly, if ever, see me use them, since they’re awfully overused and nobody likes to be yelled at—but that means that I really meant it.)

So here I am, many moons expired from the appropriate time for the first post, and what is my first post about? My first post. Yes, really. As though I couldn’t have done a bit of nothing like this for a month now! Still though, I think it’s understandable that revealing yourself to the oft-creepy cyberworld makes you refrain. Not from fear of what others think–heck, I don’t even know you–but because I simply know this represents me, even if only a little, and it should be significant! Astounding! I should announce in my first blog post that I have overcome my “vintage” oven, that cream cheese is .50 at Wal-Mart, that tofu really is always good, or at least that that I read all the way through the book that’s due tomorrow at the library! Fie, no, sorry. No bells for my discoveries today, but perhaps another day.

The irony of it is that the visual frame you see holding up the guts of this blog came with filler words in several fields, serving as a visual reminder that those words should be replaced very quickly. The first post field said, “Hello, world!” Entirely un-original, and yet, they stayed—for a month or more! As though I had nothing better to say than that. Well, I do. I can say, instead, “this is my first post.” And it is.

Wait, I do have an announcement! And it is important. This is my first entry! Feel free to clap. Quietly. And without caps.


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