Buying tip #1: Spice is nicest in bulk

14 Apr

Spices in bulk

More spices--.$07!

We all know the laws of energy conservation, right? Well, the same applies to what you eat, so that what you get out is only going to be as good as what you put in. So start with the good goods. When it comes to spices and herbs (dried, not fresh), buy them in bulk.

What comes to your mind when you hear “bulk”? As for me, I think of large amounts of things. Throw that thought out, though; bulk in this case simply means that you’re buying spices in a bulk section of a store. Why? I’ll tell you.

  1. It’s cheaper–buy what you need, need what you buy.
  2. They’ll retain their potency–spices head south, as it were, pretty quickly (Varies from spice to spice, but we’ll say 6 months to a year or so. Yes, that fast.)
  3. Easier to go on a flavor adventure with a new spice–there’s no commitment needed! Instead of debating about an 8-oz. container of berbere blend, buy half an ounce. No game, no shame in chucking it. Or giving to a friend.

Check out some of the spices I recently picked up at my new favorite store in Austin, TX–I am the only person I know who really thrills at “grocery” stores–and you can see that what I did involved little commitment. Seven cents? Oh yeah, and it’ll last me! Thanks to my cute sister-in-law and brother for introducing me to the wonderful wonders of Central Market and Austin.


2 Responses to “Buying tip #1: Spice is nicest in bulk”

  1. Heather April 15, 2008 at 9:18 am #

    WOW! That’s AMAZING!!!! !So did you buy them online or did you have to go to Austin to get them? Good thing I have relatives there! Thanks!

  2. esprout April 15, 2008 at 9:25 am #

    Oh, in the store! I went crazy. I believe, all in all, we brought home 21 spices, which we paid about $28 for, and $9 of that which was saffron (also known as the most expensive spice ever, and has been above the price of gold). I put all my valuables in my carry-on luggage (I don’t trust airlines anymore, who does?), so in went the spices! Ha. I was actually worried that my bag might not make it through–“oh, no, TSA officer, that small bag of grass-looking stuff is herbal tea. I swear”–but it was fine. Highly recommend you make a stop there when you visit! Austin is my newest favorite place.

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