Quick & slick dessert list for little and big kids

22 May

Seeing that I have a great dearth of posts in any kind of a sweet category, I thought I’d put out some of my quick, classic treats out there. These can be made with a blindfold and just a few components and some common cookware, and most can be made when you find out at the last minute that you have guests coming. Sweets on this list have also been approved by people who know who Calliou is and who might speak with a lisp. And children.

This list is also great for budgets and big groups; the ease and the cheapalicity factors make them winners.

Approved by children and adults

  1. Pudding cups with animal swimers: scoop of chocolate instant pudding, animal (or graham) crackers stuck in, and small candy sprinkles on top. (Sprinkles upgrade everything.)
  2. Sneaky chocolate chip cookies: Make them with white whole wheat flour. I buy this brand, because it’s so available in grocery stores. It’s also relatively inexpensive (though we could talk about the rise in the price of wheat…). White whole wheat flour is easy to use anywhere you’d use regular, refined, white flour, and no one will know that you’re upping the nutritional density of your treat. High in fiber, without any additives and preservatives, I am a big fan of this flour. Give it a try. Oh–and don’t forget the milk, for bonus nutritional points (skip the juice!).
  3. Homemade ice cream with fruit. Yes, it’s still cream, but with chunks (or pureed) fruit, you’ve got a serving of dairy and a serving of fruit. I’ve also found success making nearly cream-less ice cream, even with skim milk. Either make it with the fruit, or top it; stew the fruit if it’s a harder fruit (like apple), or top it straight up if it’s a softer fruit (banana, strawberry). It takes a little longer, but I like the interactivity of my ice cream “maker.” It lets everyone help; but it is very heavy!
  4. Jamie’s cheat’s dessert. I am a sucker for anything ginger; I even eat the very, very strong ginger candies that most Americans can’t stomach. So this dessert made with gingersnaps drew me in. It’s sophisticated enough for adults, but a strong flavor for kids. Switch out the ginger snaps for cookies with a milder, more familiar taste for the little ones. Try chocolate cookies with caramel topping. Add some simmered, sweetened fruit to top it. (Sorry, a lot of top-it-with-fruit preaching here! Can you tell it’s spring? And that I love m plant food?)
  5. Toffee with apples and strawberries. Take a can of sweetened condensed milk, put it bottom- or top-side up in a pan big enough to fit it plus a couple of inches, and cover it with water. Do not open the can. Boil it for about an hour and-a-half, turning with tongs (hot!) every once in a while so it all cooks evenly. Let the can cool, and open it–you will have your own toffee! Cook a little longer if you like it thick like frosting, less if you like it runny like thick caramel. Dip apples, strawberries, or bananas into it. Excellent.

Happy desserting!


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