Nostalgic candy and retro sweets

27 Jun

I thought I’d just include some pictures and a synopsis from my visit to Candy Lane; this store bills itself as selling “old-fashioned” candies, things that you can’t find elsewhere. It’s a kid’s dream–walls of candy, barrels of wrapped drops of all flavors, displays called “Lollipop Garden,” “Nostalgia Lane,” and even “Sugar-Free Way.” There’s even a machine that dispenses about 20 flavors of sugary powder; the candy equivalent of a soda fountain. Customers can fill a plastic tube with their own combos of flavors like strawberry-kiwi, banana, grape, lemon, sour green apple, mystery, a-la Pixie Stix. There are a lot of retro sweets and treats here, things some of you may remember from childhood. The link between memory, taste, and other senses is incredibly strong; I can taste lime Neccos every time I smell lemon Lysol. (Strange but true.)

My favorite was this small hard candy (below) by the name of Honey Queen Bee. It did taste just like honey, but best of all was the pretty raised stamp of a bee on the candy.

These look to be a chocolate taffy, but I’ve never heard of them. Can you build something with them? Ha!

They just don’t make pretend carcinogens like they used to. We should have mock lead-based, bubblegum-flavored goo. I can see why these aren’t sold anymore…

I was totally disappointed to find that Razzles are widely available; I thoroughly believed after “13 Going on 30” that they were extinct, and was ready to buy up the stock and send it to fellow chick-flick watchers.

Do any of these sweets trigger memories for you? Let me know in your comments what you know or remember about these candies; most of these I was unfamiliar with, since they were popular or produced before my childhood. (Most of what was popular in my childhood is still popular now.)


2 Responses to “Nostalgic candy and retro sweets”

  1. Denise Clarke June 27, 2008 at 11:02 pm #

    Oh Boy, the candy ciggie butts bring back memories! I have never smoked, but back in the 50’s my parents did like crazy. Of course, I had to those “bad boys” and try them out!


  2. esprout June 30, 2008 at 8:45 am #

    Hi Denise! Yes, good ‘ol candy cigarettes…and I suspect they were as excellent a chalk substitute then as they are now! Thanks for sharing your memory.

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